What Makes Ants So Special?

What makes ants different? What’s different about them from other bugs? They do strange things, like eat dead animals and collect many different kinds of food. Some ants grow mushrooms in their nests, making them the best farmers. Wood ants also take care of insects that feed on nectar and “milk” them.

They can lift more than their body weight, and their social bellies can be up to 50 million times bigger than ours.


Many Animals Interact With Ants

Ants interact with many different kinds of animals. One example is leafcutter ants, which gather leaves to make a compost pile underground. They grow special mushrooms in these piles to feed their young. The fungus feeds the ants and their young, while the ants themselves eat fresh leaves. Fungi are another thing that ants bring with them to build new colonies.


Aside from eating plants, ants also help plants by moving their seeds. Some ants depend on these insects to move seeds to other places. This is called myrmecochory. Some people see ants as a nuisance, while others see them as a way to make money. Ants can be used to learn about how people interact with each other and how traffic flows. More than 100 kinds of ants live in the world.

Ants Can Move Things With Their Tiny Muscles

Ants are so small that they can use their muscles to move things much bigger than other animals their size. Their muscles are a lot bigger than human muscles, so they can carry more weight than their bodies can handle. Ants have more strength and muscle than people, so that they can lift ten times their weight. In addition to eating food, they can raise aphids, making honeydew that we eat.


Even though ants are social, they also work well as a group. Some of their workers switch jobs often, while others do nothing all day. All ant species do the same basic things: feed the colony, take care of the queen, and watch over their resources. The nest must also be kept clean. This is important for them and their queen’s health. This fantastic process is what makes ants so special.


Ants live in groups and have two stomachs. The first one is for your food, and the second one is for sharing. Prophylaxis is the name for this setup. Trophallaxis makes it possible for the ant colony to work well. The workers feed the people who stay behind to take care of the queen and the nest. They can hear sounds because they have particular organs in their feet. There are many exciting things to learn about ants in the wild.

The queen ant, also called the queen ant, spends most of her life in the nest. During the breeding season, she may come out. Most of the parts of a queen’s body are the same as those of a worker, but they don’t have wings. They also have a strong mesosoma that lets them fly. On the other hand, male ants don’t have wings and die after mating season. The heads and antennae of male ants are smaller, and their bodies are rounder.

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