Transforming Used Pallets into the Most Amazing Vegetable and Flower Beds

Transforming Used Pallets into the Most Amazing Vegetable and Flower Beds
Transforming Used Pallets into the Most Amazing Vegetable and Flower Beds

Do you have limited space for your home, vegetable garden? Have you ever wondered how to maximize your minimum soiled space for optimized gardening experience?

Well, here is a solution many gardeners have applied.

Ever noticed unused wooden pallets placed nearby the dumpsters of a convenience store, or at the back of a supermarket? Left laying waiting to dispose of, these pallets might as well be recycled to upscale your vegetable garden.


DIY Vegetable & Flower Beds From Used Pallets

Wooden pallets come in different types and sizes. Nevertheless, you can always transform them into beds of greeneries for your vegetable garden.

Here are some ways to upcycle pallets into vegetable and flower beds that may inspire you.

1.     Against-the-Wall Vertical Planters

A single wooden pallet can be transformed into a simple vertical planter quite easily. You can either hang pots, cans, plastic bottles, or cups to house your flowering plants or vegetables onto the pallet. Alternatively, you can layer the back of the pallet with landscaping cloth or strong plastic material and create pockets of soil for planting in them.

Once your pallet is ready, simply play around with the arrangement of your plants for artistic purpose. For example, you may consider placing purple and white flowers alternatingly; or perhaps, flowers and vegetables on odd and even levels one after another.

2.     Raised-Bed, Pallet Gardens

A vegetable garden comprising of raised-bed pallets sounds intricate to create. However,  to build a raised-bed pallet box, all you need to have are only tools like a screwdriver or a hammer—and, of course, with some screws or wood nails required—to join your pallets together.

As an alternative, you can form a raised-bed pallet stack simply by putting one pallet on top of the other, until it reaches your desired height.

3.     Mini Greenhouses

Pallets can also be converted into mini greenhouses, acting as nurseries. You can lay the pallets horizontally on the ground and fill them with cups of soil for your seeds and seedlings to grow. Subsequently, cover their tops with glasses or transparent plastics to produce the greenhouse effect within them. Stack them up, one on top of the other to optimize your nursery space.


Tips When Using Used Pallets for Your Vegetable Garden

1.     Clean Your Pallets

If you are growing edible plants in your palleted vegetable garden, you may want to clean your used pallets from bacteria and moulds prior to recycling them. Some pallets may have been exposed to chemicals that are not safe for your plant growth. So, place extra care in cleaning them thoroughly.

To be safe, when salvaging any pallets, always ask what they were originally used for. You can be selective on your pallet choices accordingly.

2.     Wear Protective Gears

When handling the pallets, be careful of hazardous objects, such as splinters and chemical stains. Use gloves and mask for personal protection.


Other Ways to Upcycle Used Pallets for Your Vegetable Garden

If you are crafty or handy enough, or know a carpenter in your neighborhood, you can also transform used pallets and their raw, wooden planks into other objects for your vegetable garden.

Some ideas you may consider making from combinations of used pallets and their knocked-down planks are potting benches, succulent tables, compost bins, planter boxes, downsized greenhouses, fences, and many more.


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