Small Bathroom Designs for Spacious-Looked Bathroom

Small Bathroom Designs for Spacious-Looked Bathroom

Some people find it hard to design their small houses, including bathrooms. But with the right small area bathroom design, a small bathroom is able to look more spacious. A bathtub can even fit in it! So, for you who have a small bathroom, do not be worried. Follow these designs below to make your bathroom comfortable, look elegant and larger.


Luxurious Wall Accents

Choose patterned ceramics or tiles for your bathroom walls. Choose large patterned bathroom tiles to steal the attention so that the focus is on the wall instead of the small size of the bathroom. Moreover, choosing a showerhead will be very effective so that it can leave some spaces in your small bathroom. You can also separate the wet area and dry area in your small bathroom by using a simple glass partition. Choose a simple sink with modern shelves or wall cabinets.


Shower Room

The next small area bathroom design idea is using a shower room. Using a shower room or bathroom cubicle can be an easy alternative to overcome limited spaces in your bathroom. By using a shower room or bathroom cubicle, you can easily and instantly divide the wet area and dry area. Choose a simple design, such as a minimalist design so that you can easily clean your bathroom. Place an effective and simple sink beside the bathroom cubicle while the toilet is placed in the corner. This way, there are quite many spaces left in your bathroom. So, you can efficiently add other bathroom complements, such as a mirror or towel hanger.


Perfect Corner

Having a bathtub in your small bathroom is not an impossible dream. Choose a quarter-circle shaped bathtub and place it in the corner of your bathroom. With this layout, you can more freely add other toiletries and bathroom complements. Complete it with a fancy sink, hanging wooden shelf, and medium-sized mirror. This way, your small bathroom will look sweet. If you want to apply the dry bathroom concept, choose wooden floors for an elegant finishing. With this idea, your small bathroom will look luxurious.


Pink Feminine Bathroom

You can also apply a minimalist retro style to your small bathroom. Separate the wet area and dry area with a simple bathroom curtain. Choose soft pink for the bathroom walls. Use a small cabinet as storage to store your toiletries. You can also add a decorative bathroom mat to make your bathroom look more lively.


Classic Touch

Believe it or not, walls also play an important role to make a small bathroom looks more spacious. You can choose white bathroom tiles to make your small bathroom looks larger. Replacing a rectangular bathtub with a vintage bathtub can also save more spaces. So that your small bathroom will be more comfortable. You can also place decorations as long as it is the proper one. For example, you can place a cute mini flower pot near the window or sink. Hanging your favorite painting or wall decoration can also be a great idea.


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