Learn the Art of Indoor Plant Arrangement With These Expert Tips

When you landscape and put plants inside, you can improve the look of a space and help keep the air clean and fresh by choosing the right plants.

But if you live in a small apartment with limited space can be more difficult. These plants that don’t take up much room can help you turn your house into a tropical paradise.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Indoor Plant Care

The Instructions on How to Properly Arrange Indoor Plants are Listed Below.

Plant Stand

Use plant pot stands instead of big, bulky flowerpots to keep your floors clean and make the room feel bigger. So, you can turn a regular pot on a table into an excellent, high-profile pot stand. Choose a simple design that keeps the spotlights away from the plants.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Wall Plant

Want a great way to grow plants at home that doesn’t take up much room? Think up and down! Vertical gardens are great for people who live in small apartments because the only space they need is on their walls. What better way to decorate your home than to add green accents to a wall? Hang a few potted plants on a wall that gets a lot of natural light. Any plant will work with this design, but if you want to take it further, choose plants that will spread and hang.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Large Plants

Homeowners and plant lovers tend to play it safe when it comes to indoor plants and choose only small, delicate ones. They don’t know that big plants can look great in a small space if they do it the right way. To fill the space, you can put birds of paradise and dracaenas in bright corners. This is important because big plants need a lot of sunlight to live.

Indoor Plant Arrangement


Don’t choose just one plant if you want to make an oasis. To make a lush, tropical look, you need things that are of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Mixing and matching large plants like saxifrage, hanging plants like silver waterfall horseshoe gold, and round plants like money trees with blooming foliage is an easy way to do this, and it makes sense to put these plants together.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Appropriate Light

Even though houseplants are easy to take care of, some need the right amount of light to grow and spread. Finding the right light is difficult because the brightness we imagine might not be enough (or might be too much) for the plants we care about.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Number Odd

The “rule of three” is an unwritten design rule that can make or break a space. It’s a simple rule that you should put things together in odd numbers, which will make them look better and more appealing than putting them together in even numbers. When putting plants, this rule must be followed. Put your plants in groups of 3, 5, 7, 9, preferably 3.

Hanging Plants

Plants can be put on more than just floors, walls, and tables. If there isn’t much room on the table, it’s time to think outside the box: hang them up! You can hang your plants with lace plant hangers or regular metal hangers.

Indoor Plant Arrangement


Sometimes you need to upgrade and get rid of the old flowerpots you brought back from the garden center to grow your plants in more attractive flowerpots. If you like an industrial look, you can choose to have concrete planters in your space. Or, you can grow plants in woven baskets to make your room feel cosier. Yes, you’re not mistaken. The basket is used for more than just putting dirty clothes in it. For a quick and easy upgrade, you could paint your flowerpots a bright colour and add a textured pattern or a bit of bronze for a touch of elegance and luxury.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Tower, Fill, Spread Concept

Use the fill, tower, and spread method to group some plants.


They are usually taller and stand out more, giving the effect of being flashy. It can be put in the middle so everyone can see it or hidden behind a wall.


They add beauty to the look and are put around tall plants. Texture contrast is improved by putting plants in front of pots or around tall plants.


Next, you’ll need plants that grow out of the pot and up the sides. Choose plants that will stand out from the other plants in your garden.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Artificial Plant

You can use fake plants to decorate a room that doesn’t get enough natural light. Even though it’s not perfect, at least you don’t have to worry about it being able to grow. They can also be kept for a long time by fake plants.

Air Plants

If you want to try growing houseplants but don’t know how to take care of them or where to start, air plants might be a good choice. They are much easier to care for than most houseplants.

Indoor Plant Arrangement

Air plants can also be grown anywhere because they don’t need soil. Use air plants to be creative by putting them in terrariums or, even better, in beautiful frames.

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