Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid and Their Solutions

We’ve found 100 mistakes that Interior Designers try to avoid, and today we’ll show you the first 10 decorating mistakes in living room.

Just look at it, and you’ll see that we’ve found gold.


10 Biggest Home Decor Mistakes and Fixes

Here are the ten biggest mistakes people make when decorating their homes, along with some suggestions for how to fix them.

1. TV-Style

We all know that a TV is essential in a living room, but it doesn’t have to be the most important thing.


Solution: Plan out the area where you’ll put the TV first, and then add the TV. So, not only will your sitting area look good, but it will also be helpful when you want to Netflix and chill.

2. Test the Paint on Your Walls

You could make a big mistake with your home decor if you start painting a big area before you test the color.


Solution: Buy a few small paint samples, so you don’t end up with a depressing green room when you wanted avocado.

3. Using the Wrong Lamp Shade

Decor lamps can change the mood of a room, but if you put a huge lampshade on a small lamp, it can make a really weird design statement.


Solution: Know your room’s style and how big it is before you go shopping for a lamp shade.

4. Houseplants

A few houseplants around your home can do wonders. From your coffee table to your shelf, houseplants fit everywhere.


Solution: Put a small houseplant in the middle of your shelf, and that will do! You don’t have to make your room a conservatory.

5. Toilet Rugs

If you want to keep the floor in your bathroom clean and dry, you need toilet rugs. They are cut to fit around your toilet, and you can also mix and match them with the seat cover.


Solution: You could put a fluffy rectangular rug away from the toilet’s base for a different look.

6. Photo Gallery

Putting too many picture frames on a table is an old way to decorate. It also makes the room look and feels crowded.


Solution: Create a gallery on the wall and arrange the photos by decade or event.

7. The Foyer

We often forget how important it is to have a welcoming foyer. A beautiful foyer is a great way to show what the rest of the house might be like.


Solution: Make an accent wall with patterned wallpaper or paint, or hang a beautiful mirror or art frame to add texture to the room.

8. Wire Clutter

What’s worse than having wires all over your room?


Solution: You could stick a shower rod against the wall to hide them or disguise them all in a box behind a rack or table in an easy-to-reach place.

9. Overboard Theme

We can get so into a style or theme that we don’t realize how busy and tacky it makes the room look.


Solution: Use accents to add the look you like without going overboard with a theme. If you want to travel, decorate your home with items from your favorite trips to faraway places.

10. Furniture Balance

We don’t always know where to put our furniture in a room. To learn how to put your furniture in a way that looks good.


Solution: If you have a big sofa, your coffee table shouldn’t be too big.

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