8 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Look using Simple yet Chic Above-the-Bed Decorations

8 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom Look using Simple yet Chic Above-the-Bed Decorations

What do you install above your bed? Not many people are particular about this bed decoration. The most convenient way to decorate bedroom walls is with picture frames, displaying portraits of family members and loved ones. Classic, but practical! However, for those of you who are very much into personalizing your own space, you may want to consider these simple, yet stylish, above-the-bed decoration ideas.


1.     Spacious Look with Geometric Mirror


If your bedroom has white walls, consider putting up state-of-the-art, geometric mirrors above your bed. One piece over-sized mirror may replace a few, smaller-sized, geometric mirrors. In any case, mirror installation creates the illusion that your bedroom is more spacious than it actually is.


2.     Antique Nuance with Silver Plates


Silverware is not only practical as cutleries, but they are also useful as bed decoration. For placement above your headboard, for example, you may look into old, worn out-looking silver plates or trays. This will create a rustic look, which is a great contrast to your modern bedroom interior.


3.     Casual Feel with Boho-Styled Macrame


If your bedroom has a more casual interior, you may want to get your inspirations from various Boho designs available in the market. An example shown here is the use of beige-colored macrame, in line with the pastel-colored tone of most of the bedroom and bed decoration.


4.     Going Stylish with Trendy Hats


Don’t have enough space for your hat collection? Get creative with it. Don’t be shy. Put them up on the wall as your stylish bed decoration. Not only you save storage space for this collection, but you also showcase your taste in design with this chic-looking personal space.


5.     Creative Artistry with Wall Painting & Fanciful Dream-Catcher


If you enjoy painting, consider doing your bed decoration by painting on the wall above your bed. Your space, your choice of image. A uniquely, put-together dream-catcher can be added as a centerpiece to complete your artwork.


6.     Urban Design with Minimalistic Basket Weavings


Basket weavings like these ones can beautify your simple, urban-style bedroom. With a minimum color combination, this bed decoration shows your humbled modesty. You may choose to display them symmetrically or play around with how you want to put them up.


7.     Studious Persona with Filled-up Bookcases


Your use of bed decoration represents your individuality. Bookcases installation as your above-the-bed ornament certainly shows your fondness of reading. It makes picking up a good book during a cozy, indoor, snuggling day easy.


8.     Message of Love with Classic Handwriting


Last but not least, this bed decoration is surely inspirational. You can simply put up a display of messages of love, of your handwriting, to constantly shower how you feel about your children, for example. It is something always ready to look at and take consolation from at any time they are in the room.


Alternatively, you can pick up letter-shaped wall ornaments and put them up to make up positive adjectives on the wall. Love, kind, brave, and humble, are just some examples of good words that will inspire you every day.


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