8 DIY Ideas to Create Beautiful Garden Fence Decorations

8 DIY Ideas to Create Beautiful Garden Fence Decorations
8 DIY Ideas to Create Beautiful Garden Fence Decorations

If gardening is your relaxation hobby, your garden is certainly your sacred space. Beautifying this personal space may help calm you simply by being there. Who would’ve thought that a touch of simple decorations on your garden fence may do the trick? A little ‘umph’ to spice up your garden may even impress your guests.

Before you start creating your garden fence decoration, first define your purpose. Will the decoration serve to portray your own personal identity? Will it be to create excitement for your children? Will it be to enhance plant-growing space? Or, will it be to captivate your visitors?

Whatever reason you decorate your garden fence for, here are eight DIY ideas you can consider to adorn your garden fence. Most of these ideas make use of used objects you can find at homes or on sale at the flea markets.

1.     Jars & Bottles

Hang jars and bottles nicely on your garden fence using simple wires or thin rope strands. Depending on your preference, single- or multi-colored jars and bottles will work just fine. You can leave them transparent and insert decorative ornaments, such as seashells, sand, pebbles, marbles, dried flowers, or twigs inside.

2.     Boots & Shoes

Used boots and shoes can be reused as planters. Simply fill them up with soil and plant your desired flowers or vegetables in them. Arrange them creatively on your garden fence. Voila! You shall captivate your visitors with your unique and unconventional design.

3.     Plastic Cups, Cans & Pots

Fence-mounted plastic cups, cans, and pots give you more gardening space. Play around with the arrangements of different sizes and shapes of cups, cans and pots, and you will have an amazing-looking fence.

4.     Handbags & Shoe Bags

Unused bags and shoe bags may decorate your garden fence, too. Reuse them as unusual planters to engage your garden’s visitors with creativity.

5.     Wall Decorations, Frames, Shelves & Boxes

If your friends have some unused wall decorations they would like to throw away, tell them not to. Instead, consider them to beautify your garden fence instead. If your garden is outdoor, you may, however, want to consider if the ornaments are waterproof. In any cases, you can use wall decorations, frames, shelves, and boxes as they are.Nevertheless, shelves and boxes may also be used to house simple planters on your fence.

6.     Simple Murals

Have a spacious-enough garden to view from one end to another? Well, other than adding decorative ornaments or planters, you may explore painting your garden fence with murals. If you are confident with your drawing and painting skill, it’s great! Otherwise, you can commission a local artist you like for a reasonable cost.Alternatively, you can consider applying organic patterns like those drawn by henna tattoo artists; but this time, on the fence. Interesting, isn’t it?

7.     Letters

Other simple DIY ornaments for your garden fence are combinations of ornamental letters that make up meaningful words. For example, you may choose a few good words to boost positivity, such as love, courage, faith, and so on.

8.     Grow Poles

If you fancy vines or crawlers, consider having grow poles as the secondary layer to your garden fence. Alternatively, simple wire mesh in between your fences will also work.


Whichever ideas you decide to build for your fences, make sure they are crafted in the safest possible ways. Refine all rough edges, and enjoy your beautified garden!


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