7 Kids Bedroom Ideas

It can be hard to decide on a theme or ideas for your child’s bedroom. One is constantly torn between giving your child their dream bedroom and meeting them in the real world to see if it’s even possible.

As a parent, you may have problems with money, space, and other things, but your child’s happiness will always be the most important thing.

Kids Bedroom

So, before you do a complete makeover, sit down with your child and ask what they want. Then, work around that.

7 Chic Kids’ Rooms

Here are some unique pieces of furniture and bedroom ideas for kids that are sure to be a hit with your child.

Kids Bedroom

1. Experiment With Colors

Kids Bedroom

Play around with your child’s favorite color. Make a fun pastel or pop palette out of it and paint the walls that color, hang colorful paintings with the same color, etc. There are many ways to use a color theme, and it can be put together with many different ideas.

2. A Trip to the Zoo Is Always a Good Idea

Kids Bedroom

Has your child always been interested in animals? Do they like going to the zoo? Why not use it as a theme in their room? Go for a jungle or zoo theme and decorate with stuffed animal toys, wallpaper that looks like a forest, and cool bed-sheet covers that go with it.

3. Space

Every child dreams of becoming an astronaut and going to space at some point. If your child is interested in the area, turn his or her room into a space station with glow-in-the-dark stars, a rocket sticker on the wall, etc.

Kids Bedroom

4. Kids Room – Pink

Build your little girl a castle with a pony (not a real one, of course), a dollhouse, pale pink walls, a queen-sized bed so she can sleep like a princess, and lots of pink things.

Kids Bedroom

5. Kids Bedroom – Bohemian Vibes

Does your child have a free spirit’s soul? In that case, go for a more laid-back boho look with a neutral color scheme. For bedroom furniture, stick to materials like wool, wood, concrete, etc. Add a big dream catcher to the top of their walls for a unique touch.

Kids Bedroom

6. Flowerpower

With this theme, you can use flower wallpaper with tiny petals, put fresh flowers on the bedside table, and choose a bed sheet cover with your child’s favorite flowers.

Kids Bedroom

7. Global

You could also decorate your child’s room with a map or globe theme. You can put up a map as wallpaper, guaranteeing your child gets a perfect grade in Geography (just kidding).


We hope these ideas will help you do something great for your kids and their rooms.

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