6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is an important part that must exist in a house. The bathroom basically also requires a good design to make it look attractive and not boring. Although only used in a not too long time, a bathroom that has a good design will provide additional comfort for its users. The average bathroom has a small size, so to design it it does require some more effort. But what about a very small bathroom? For really small bathroom ideas, the room can still be decorated in accordance with the latest models that are not only attractive but also still provide comfort. The following are some modern bathroom design ideas.


1. Minimalist model

Minimalist models are very suitable to be applied to small bathrooms. The minimalist model in a minimalist bathroom design utilizes everything properly and appropriately. Like the use of hanging cabinets to place various bathroom equipment such as towels and the use of a small sink to save space. The existing design in the room also uses neutral colors or monochrome colors that will add a minimalist impression to the room. The use of this color can be applied by using neutral colors on existing walls and furniture.


2. Natural concept bathroom

The concept of nature in a minimalist sized bathroom is a good idea to apply to the bathroom. Natural elements can make the bathroom design look fresher and suitable for really small bathroom ideas. The use of these natural elements can be applied by using wall hangings from rocks and adding ornamental plants in the bathroom. This design can also be followed by the shape of a sink similar to stone with natural lighting.


3. Contemporary models

Contemporary models can make the bathroom look more modern. Contemporary models use elements of matching colors ranging from wall paint colors, furniture and equipment used in the bathroom. Black and gray on the walls can make the bathroom look more clean and maintained followed by the use of existing furniture. The combination of color and gray that dominates the bathroom and the use of the right light can make the bathroom look more modern and elegant.


4. Rustic Model

The rustic model always gives stunning results. The rustic model can also be applied to very small rooms such as bathrooms. The use of wood is the main element in a rustic style room. The use of rustic models in the room can be applied to the bathroom floor and roof. The use of furniture derived from wood can also support this rustic style. The use of wood elements in addition to providing beauty to the room can also make the impression of a cleaner and neater room. The right wood furniture placement can also make the bathroom more comfortable.


5. Bathroom with mirror

Bathroom that has a small room can be designed well with the addition of a mirror in the room. The addition of a mirror in the bathroom will make the bathroom appear more spacious. For this reason, it is important to choose the mirror with the model you want, ranging from simple models to luxurious models.


6. Patterned Bathroom

For some people who want to have a different look, designing a bathroom with motifs can make users more excited and not monotonous. There are many motifs that can be used for bathroom design. The use of this motif can be applied to the bathroom wall. Motifs that can be used include lines to flowers. Choose the motif that matches the model you want. The use of motifs in bathroom designs can make a bathroom look more attractive and is a good choice for really small bathroom ideas.








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